HMCS Louisburg

I wrote this post in 2009 when I was just starting to write this blog…
There is someone who just wrote a comment…

Hi Ernie;
my brother was Duncan MacGregor, Stoker, did not survive, contact me if you wish,


Lest We Forget

I had received this comment on my blog Souvenirs de guerre

Someone had written this comment:

My father, who survived the sinking of HCMS Louisbourg in the Mediterrean  in 1943, did not have very happy memories of the contemptuous and injust way Quebec sailors were treated on their ships and even after the war.

My father sustained an injury to his backbone, and his lungs were affected by toxic fumes caused by the fire on board the ship. This French-Canadian who was decorated never received a war veteran pension and we had to live in poverty until we settled in Sept-Îles during the industrial and housing boom of the town.

My father was even sent to the brig in Gibraltar because he defended himself against a Canadian who was constantly insulting him and other francophone crew members!!!

My father died in 1973.

This person never wrote back.

I went…

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