Update on Feldwebel Kramer

The people who have shared all this information and pictures want to remain anonymous for the moment.

Hi Pierre,

This is one of the photos, both are on our photo archives I’m sure. This is almost definitely Kramer’s plane at Shornemead.

Hope this is of some help.

11880769_990909790931047_853585246_nThis is the other picture although very faded.

11880302_990944814260878_710655407_n One of our members has all the facts and I believe she has Kramer’s helmet. She is assured it’s Kramer plane. I’m hoping to hear from her so will keep you updated.

I have briefly spoken to two members, they own the two original photos of Kramer’s crashed Me-109.

I am assured they are definitely his plane, they also own his flying helmet that was given to them along with the photos back in the early 70s, although they can’t be 100 percent that it is his. Sorry but have no photo of it.

Should I get a photo, I will certainly let you know.

Anyway I can tell you that Kramer was shot down in combat over the river Thames on 31/8/1940 approximately 13.30 hrs by Sgt Norman Taylor of 601 Squadron, he was also shot down by Kramer’s wing man. He bailed out and his plane crashed into the marshes not far from where Kramer’s plane crashed and burned out.

logbook page

601 Squadron Re-created
Norman Taylor’s family private collection

Sgt Taylor visited Kramer a few days later who was badly burned.

The two photos as far as I can maintain have never been in print and so shouldn’t have any copyright attached, I’m sure it would be fine to post them on site.


One thought on “Update on Feldwebel Kramer

  1. Pierre, I sent links to these posts about Gunther Kramer to the people I met who asked about him and who have his badge and shoulder strap. I had a reply: Thank you so much for the information you passed on yesterday,and good to hear your book is coming out next year .
    It was interesting to note that Gunter the pilot was twenty two years old at the time he was shot down,let’s hope more details come to light of his family.

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