Combat Photographers

Not to be forgotten…

Pacific Paratrooper

US Marine Corps photo, Guam US Marine Corps photo, Guam (Who took this picture?)

When you watch the TV news, videos or newsreels and see the daring reporter enter a combat area – ask yourself – ‘who went in there first to record that moment?’  The unsung heroes of combat photographers have been supplying the public with information since their cameras were invented:

Adolph Hitler being installed as Chancellor of Germany and all of his subsequent conquests across Europe; Mussolini’s troops in Ethiopia; the Battle of Britain and the invasion of Russia were all captured and seen in newspapers and newsreels shown in 14,000 local U.S. neighborhood theaters.  When Japan invaded China, two American newsreel cameramen were there – Norman Alley of Universal and Eric Mayell of Fox Movietone.

016e97abb7 Norman Alley & Eric Mayell, USS Panay, 1937

Enlisted, drafted or civilian, the men often dropped their cameras to pick up a rifle and so few…

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