The Silent Secretary

William  James  Stangel’s  name is not in the Silent  Secretary.


William James Stangel is well known on the Internet, so is his P-51 Stinky 2.



I  was  looking  for  his name, but I  stumbled  on this  one instead.

Albert Dalton Braswell…

Brasswell wanted to  go to Toronto.

April 24 1942

Albert Dalton BRASWELL, son of William and Dora, was born September 14, 1921, Blue Ridge, Texas, and died February 26, 1943. He married Gloria Belle Staton, who was born February 13, 1924, Fort Worth, Texas. They had six children.

My grandfather, Albert Dalton Braswell, was killed along with all his mates when their plane went down off Apalachicola, Florida (don’t think I spelled it right). He was a passenger. He was cremated and ashes were spread over the ocean. My mother got a pension from the government as a result of this during her childhood.

He had joined the Royal Canadian Army as a pilot, I think; but joined the US Army once the Americans entered the war. He was training to be an aerial gunner in the US Army. 


Lucy Barron