Deskaide The Silent Secretary 1942

As a follow-up to a comment…

I’m the daughter of the listed William James Stangel. He went on to serve in the USAAF, flying a P-51 Mustang and with five “kills” was listed as a Flying Ace. I would be very much interested in hearing from anyone who had any information about his time in the RCAF.

Lest We Forget

Jacques Gagnon and I were hoping this would be Eugene Gagnon’s personal diary. 


It was not.

Our hopes were shattered, but we had decided to share it.

I have second thoughts since yesterday when I finally saw it.

It is very personal and does not seem to contain historical facts that merit being shared on a blog about paying homage to those who gave so much for their countries in a war.

Lawrence Walton Montague was someone who had met Eugene Gagnon only once in his life.

It was on April 24th, 1942.

April 24 1942

Pretty good little French Gangon (sic)

He met Eugene only once.

This is one entry in Lawrence Montague’s personal diary. I thought it was the first entry before I took a look at the original.

January 13 1942

Lawrence was a cadet in Course 44. He enlisted in the RCAF and got his first training at No. 6 EFTS Dunnville…

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