For airshow lovers…when you can’t get there.

Aces Flying High

The warbirds just kept coming in the fantastic flying displays of the Planes of Fame Airshow 2015. Up next were military aircraft that flew during the Korean War era of 1950 to 1953 when the South Korean and United Nations forces clashed with the Communists of North Korea, China and secretly the USSR. Aircraft ranged from piston engine fighters to the jets that began to dominate air warfare in the 1950’s. The propeller driven aircraft included World War Two era fighters that continued to soldier on like the North American P-51D Mustang, Vought F4U Corsair and Yakovlev Yak-3, through to post war combat aircraft like the Douglas A-1 SkyraiderHawker Sea Fury and Grumman F7F Tigercat. Each aircraft is well maintained and it was an absolute pleasure to see them all fly.

Yak-3 Planes of Fame Airshow 2015 Yakovlev Yak-3 in Free French Normandie-Niemen Regiment markings – they flew on the Eastern Front with the Soviets

North American AT-6 Texan Planes of Fame 2015 North…

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