A very special request from the Netherlands

RCAF 425 Les Alouettes

Dear Sir,

I am investigating an air crash during World  War Two.

On the night of the 22/23th April 1944 a Halifax KN-O (Serial no: LW633) from the Bomber Command no.425 Squadron RCAF crashed into the backyard of my Grandma’s house (in the town of St-Oedenrode in The Netherlands). The LW 633 was struck down by German fighters and flak during the Düsseldorf bombing. Unfortunately five members of the crew died in the crash.

Two members of the crew survived and managed to escape. During their escape they were captured in Antwerp:

– Warrant Officer – Joseph Emile Leon DAVIDSON (RCAF) – R161701 (J88391) – Captured 17th June 1944 Antwerp – PoW No. 256 (interned in Stalag Luft 7)

– Flying Officer – Joseph Yvan DESROSIERS – J26858 – (also spelled Desrosiers) – Captured 9th May 1944 in Antwerp – PoW no. 5380 (interned in Stalag Luft 3)

The two…

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