Typhoon Pilot… No Piece of Cake

Something I wrote back in 2012… Time flies isn’t?

Lest We Forget

While searching for information about 137 Squadron and Albie Gotze, I found this…

You can tell that flying the Hawker Typhoon was no piece of cake…

A Supermarine Spitfire Mark IX raises the dust as it taxies past a Hawker Typhoon Mark IB of No. 181 Squadron RAF, at an advanced landing ground – probably B2/Bazenville – in Normandy. The Spitfire is fitted with a 45-gallon ‘slipper’ fuel tank.


Martin Pederson — Typhoon pilot (source)

Martin Pederson had a good long “think” about it … and came to a conclusion. If he was going to be of any use as a fighter pilot, he had to give up this idea of wanting to survive, and resign himself to dying. That was the only way, he figured, that he’d be able to do his job.

It was 1944 and the young Canadian’s job was flying a Typhoon fighter-bomber…

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