John Colton, another Typhoon pilot

Final reblog for today…

Lest We Forget

I had heard about this pilot before but I did not pay to much attention.

He lives in Canada.

Albie Gotze told me he knew him so I got curious.

I never met him personally nor did I ever meet Albie Gotze.

John Colton has probably a lot of stories about his missions with the Typhoon.

This picture was taken from the IWM site.

A pilot of No. 175 Squadron RAF scrambles to his waiting Hawker Typhoon Mk IB fighter-bomber
at Le Fresne-Camilly in Normandy, 24 July 1944.

John Colton was with No. 137 Squadron RAF and he talks about his war experience on this site.

Click here.

This is the audio transcript.

It has a lot of information.

We got through it okay and finally I got through my training course there at Windsor Mills [Quebec; present-day Windsor, Quebec, site of No. 4 Elementary Flying Training School (EFTS)], although…

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