First-hand experience about Operation Market Garden

More about Albie Götze

Lest We Forget

During my search about Operation Market Garden, I found this…

Albie Gotze was there and he gave a lecture on his experience as a Typhoon pilot.

This is where I found it.

The main talk of the evening, My Role as a Fighter Pilot at Arnhem, was given by General Albie Gotze and was one of our series of “I was there” talks. This provided for a remarkable evening, as our speaker not only went into considerable detail on the battle itself, but also added the personal touch at relevant points, as he explained his role as one of the fighter pilot escorts to the ground troops. To start we heard how events evolved from the break through at Falaise; the use of Eisenhower’s broad front and the related support problems, the lack of a decisive supreme commander, the impact of British failure to take the Beveland Peninsular, the thrusting and…

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