Typhoon IB

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Flt Lt James Evans Jenkins

Somewhere between August 2nd and 8th 1944, Dad moved from 132 A.F. Tangmere (T.A.F.) to No. 3 T.E.U. Aston Down. I know that T.E.U. stands for Tactical Exercise Unit but I had to search Dr Google for information on Aston Down, which is in Gloucestershire (South West England). This airfield has its own Wikipedia entry so I can tell you that No.55 O.T.U. was renamed No.3 T.E.U. around 1944 I think. In December, 1944, the unit was redesignated and flew Hawker Typhoons.

And so we arrive at August 9th 1944 and Dad’s first solo flight in a Typhoon 1B. Looking at his logbook, I am wondering if this unit specialised in training on ground attack techniques. Over to the experts who might know more about No. 3 T.E.U.

I remember Albie Gotze SAAF (Brig Gen. Retd), who contacted me in 2012, saying that he and Dad had to convert pretty…

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3 thoughts on “Typhoon IB

    1. Watching and listening to Albie Götze rekindled my interest about Typhoon pilots. I won’t start a new blog about them, but they deserved to be remembered.

    2. It’s not James, but her daughter. I know she must be busy right now, but I am sure she will continue her blog about her father.

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