May 8th 1945. The War in Europe is over………..

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winston_churchill (1) Winston Churchill, the Prime Minister that got the country through the war – but pointedly refused to acknowledge the contribution of Bomber Command in the final victory.

After 2077 days the war that had engulfed Europe ended.

At 02:41 on the morning of 7 May, at SHAEF headquarters in Reims, France, the Chief-of-Staff of the German Armed Forces High Command, General Alfred Jodl, signed the unconditional surrender documents for all German forces to the Allies. General Franz Böhme announced the unconditional surrender of German troops in Norway on 7 May, the same day as Jodl signed the unconditional surrender document. It included the phrase

“All forces under German control to cease active operations at 2301 hours Central European Time on May 8, 1945.”

Winston Churchill, whilst no doubt a remarkable political leader, pointedly failed to mention Bomber Command in his VE Day speech, no doubt conscious, as the consummate politician, he tried to sidestep…

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