Consolidated PBY Catalina: The Naked Samaritan.

Interesting subject

The Dreamy Dodo

Rabaul, 1944.
Photo taken after this PBY’s blister gunner rescued a fellow shot down fellow airman. That airman was temporarily blinded and quite unable help himself during the rescue. To further complicate things, the Japanese were quite uncooperative,shooting from the shore. So this brave man stripped off his clothes -you swim better that way,of course- and jumped in to bring him aboard. After this HERO brought the airman abroad they took off in a hurry. Knowing his duties, the blister gunner went ASAP to his post….the dressing could wait.
This photo has achieved somehow an iconic status because of the subject’s beauty -it sure means a lot more than just that.

Photo: Horace Bristol.

Nice the detail of the enemy ships identification poster close to the gunner’s butt.

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