How this search for R J Hetherington began?

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Hi there, one of the names glued into the journal: is Flight Lieutenant  (Raymond Joseph) R J Hetherington, Morrinsville, New Zealand,who was from Squadron 33, personal number 414290. I’m not sure this of any help, but he was my grandfather, who flew a Spitfire, presumed dead when gunned down but later found in a German hospital recovered by British troops the previous day. If there was ever any references to him would love to hear from you.

class-44-dunnville-december-6-1941 (1)

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My Uncle was M. J. Mills of Auckland, N.Z. He served in 132 Squadron – missing in action 19-11-1942. His file is on the Cenotaph site of You may find other NZers there also. There is a photo of inside his hut at Dunnville. To find names who were in the same training unit on the web is astonishing. My cousin scanned Graduation Banquet covers. One has ‘The Three Musketeers’ written on top. Then underneath wings of RAF and NZ are the names–A.L. Ray – J.E. Shields – M.J.Mills. Also PDFs of lists of Commaning Officers – Flying Instructors – Menus and graduates.


9 thoughts on “How this search for R J Hetherington began?

    1. I could not help thinking how difficult that battle was fought by Canadians. More often than not Canadians were put in harm’s way.


        There were heavy casualties as the Canadians attacked over open, flooded land. Driving rain, booby traps and land mines made advance very difficult. On October 13, what would come to be known as “Black Friday”, the Canadian 5th Infantry Brigade’s Black Watch was virtually wiped out in an unsuccessful attack.

      2. That’s why I depend so heavily on you and the other readers. I have gotten better at locating the Dominions of the Empire’s contributions. By just calling them Commonwealth troops didn’t do me any good and showed lack of respect for their deeds [IMO].

      3. That’s how the colonials were seen.
        You found that out in your posts about the defence of Australia.

      4. So true, it was like pulling teeth to sort through the data and find the details! The Empire sure didn’t seem to want to give any of you fellas any credit. tagged under “Allied Forces”…….

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