The Hostility of Neutrality

A little bit of history

Defence of the Realm

Belgian Air Force Fairey Fox fightersBelgian Air Force Fairey Fox fighters

Belgium found itself in a very unenviable position upon the outbreak of World War II. Geographically and demographically small it was faced with powerful warring factions on three sides of its borders. To the south east was Nazi Germany who had instigated the war through its annexation of territory in the east. To the south west was France with whom the Belgian’s shared a common ancestry and to the north west over a small strip of water was Britain. Like so many nations Belgium suffered a form of national post-traumatic stress disorder after the First World War and so became determined not to repeat the horrors it suffered when war loomed once again. The Belgians therefore took the position of declaring itself neutral in Europe and as such had little part to play in confronting Hitler’s ambition as much as France and Britain.


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