Who remembers Ernie?

About Ernie Mills

Lest We Forget

Hello Pierre,

Attached are the pictures taken on December 31, 1941 on board the St. Laurent.

photo 5

Back row,
Lto R, Sammie McDowell,
Bill Arnold, Dick Wilson, Jack Ross and my father, Ralph Edwards.

Front Row,
Ernie Mills, the E.O. Jacques Piggott, and Keith Inglis.

The note Ernie sentto my dad on friendship, reads,

Links of Friendship
Form an Everlasting Chain
Of Happiness
So, Let not Ravages of
Time and Age
Make the Bond of Our
Link one bit Less

Year 1941-1942
Ernie Mills

photo 4

Who remembers Ernest Mills?

Ernest G. Mills

MPK – 29 Apr 1944

HMCS Athabaskan

Who remembers Ernest Mills?

Chief Engine Room Artifacer Ernest Mills,
Royal Canadian Navy
HMCS Athabaskan

Someone who had written this comment:

My dad, Captain (E) Ralph W. Edwards, aged 95, served on the old Sally with Ernie Mills, who was lost on the Athabascan. The other day he and I were going through some old photos and…

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