Who remembers Ernest Mills? Redux

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Who remembers Ernest Mills?

Ernest G. Mills

MPK – 29 Apr 1944

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Who remembers Ernest Mills?

Someone who wrote me this comment:

My dad, Captain (E) Ralph W. Edwards, aged 95, served on the old Sally with Ernie Mills, who was lost on the Athabascan. The other day he and I were going through some old photos and I came across one of the Sally’s ERA’s at a Christmas party in 1941, the picture of course including Ernie Mills, a very close friend of dad’s. Under the picture was a note written by Ernie to dad about friendship, and how important friends were to Ernie. I know this doesn’t directly relate to Athabascan, but would the photo and the note be of interest?

The  sequel…


My name is Bryce Sophonow I am Ernest Mills great-grandson. It would mean alot to me and my family mainly my grandmother, Ernest’s daughter to get any copies of notes or photos you may have. I have always grown up looking at his photo and asking my grandma to tell me stories about him, but there is very few as she was only 2 when he passed. The only story I have is of the day the ship sank! he sent his wife Agnes (Mills) Stephenson a telegram saying he will be home soon and to send his love to the children. We also know that as the ship was sinking he came over the radio from the engine room and God blessed everyone.

Thank you very much for your help.

Robert Bryce Sophonow

One thought on “Who remembers Ernest Mills? Redux

  1. Taken from Mike Weir’s Website

    MILLS, Ernest G, CERA, 21508 RCN, MPK – 29 Apr 1944 ( Ernie Mills had been relieved/replaced as CERA by Vic Brighten. Ernie had stayed on board ship an couple of extra days to completed the turn-over as it was taking longer than anticipated.)

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