Thieves disguised as “historians”



Beware of these “historians” disguised as thieves. Someone just told me about so called historians, but I already knew about it.

Medals Gone Missing is an Australian group led by Gary Traynor that tracks down stolen militaria and returns it to the family.
Same should be done here with the thieves.

My reader added this…

Peter Stoffer proposed a bill to deal with this:
OTTAWA- The recent auction of a World War II allied veterans’ medals shows why the federal government should step up and restrict the sale of veterans’ medals says Peter Stoffer (Sackville—Eastern Shore), the New Democrat’s Official Opposition Veterans Affairs Critic.

“I am angered that the medals of a WWII allied veteran, who fought at the Battle of Monte Cassino, have ended up at an auction for sale to the highest bidder,” said Stoffer. “Veterans’ medals should not be sold for profit at auctions, flea markets, on Ebay, or anywhere else,” said Stoffer. “It really cheapens the significance and meaning of these medals when someone profits from their sale.”

“These are the medals of our heroes and they should be proudly displayed at someone’s home, at a museum, or legion hall. They should not be displayed or sold for profit. I urge the federal government to act now and restrict the sale of veterans’ medals.”

Stoffer will re-introduce a bill in the House of Commons that would prohibit the sale of veterans’ and police medals. He noted that a Conservative MP introduced a bill in the last parliamentary session that would protect military medals with cultural significance from leaving the country.

“I urge the federal government to move quickly to restrict the sale of war medals for financial profit.” 

12 thoughts on “Thieves disguised as “historians”

  1. I don’t understand the historian significance, they are actually acting as profiteers solely – or have they said they were historians?
    Don’t know why I’m asking – it’s just as deplorable no matter what they call themselves.

  2. Mr Stofffer doesn’t get it when he says that medals belong in someone’s home, Legion or museum. The reason they are not in the home is because the veteran or a family member sold them or gave them away. They should not be in a Legion as Legions have previously destroyed medals or sold them to maintain their property and they should not (for the most part) be in museums as these institutions have no space or interest in showing thousands of identical medals. Museums are better at displaying the rare groups of medals with valour decorations, etc… Even then, many museums will sell off their holdings.
    Private collectors have been called, by Mr Stoffer, ‘scum’, yet it is these collectors who undertake the research that uncovers the story of the recipient and, ultimately, honours the veteran more than any Legion hall, museum or uncaring family ever could.

    1. I never filter the comments. Your comment is a valid one. I was just posting someone’s thoughts about this growing problem. I know some people profit from veterans, mostly photo ops politicians.

  3. I agree that there are some bottom-feeders who chase veterans’ families to buy militaria but these are the exception and not the rule. I know many collectors of these items and the overwhelming majority are simple hobbyists with a keen appreciation of military material culture.

    1. I believe this is the case. I know one personally. Nice guy, but he distrusts some historians with hidden agendas. I do to.

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