Personnel File: Wing Commander Forest Yeo‐Thomas

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Defence of the Realm

Forest Yeo-ThomasThe White Rabbit

Few men in history can claim to have fought such a hard war against tyranny as Forest Frederick Edward Yeo-Thomas. Born in London on the 17th June 1902 to parents of Welsh origin, his family later moved to Dieppe, France while he was very young. As a result when Germany invaded in 1914 Yeo-Thomas felt it personally so much so that he tried to enlist in any army that would take him eventually finding his way in to the U.S. Army in 1917 who were a little lax about checking his age (he was 16 at the time).

Having seen combat on the western front in the closing stages of the war he viewed the post-war situation in the east with a popular sense of mistrust regarding Lenin and his supporters who had seized power in Russia during the October Revolution of 1917. When in 1919 fighting spilled…

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