Memories of Smolensk

A very interesting blog about several subjects.

Keep Calm and Remember

Keep Calm andRemember was born one year ago today! From the beginning, I intended this blog to be a platform through which to share my travels, writing, and life; and it has been all that and more! But the primary focus of Keep Calm and Remember, then and now, is to remember the things that must not be forgotten. For me, these are things like decommissioned ships, retired aircraft, aging buildings, and especially the Eastern Front of World War II. I believe that the world doesn’t know nearly enough about the Eastern Front- indeed, I only found out about when I was 16- and through this blog and all my work, I am trying to change that.

One year ago, I began this blog with a post titled Memories of StalingradThat post detailed the suffering and stoicism exhibited by Red Army soldiers in perhaps the fiercest battle…

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