Tired of reading this blog?

You might  try this.


Andrew is a virtual friend in Australia.


5 thoughts on “Tired of reading this blog?

  1. Andy Wright’s website looks fantastic, and I spent some time there reading the postings. All excellent. The website also brings to the attention of U.S. readers books that may not be generally available, often due to copyright restrictions to U.S. readers. Yes, worldwide, our governments, our laws and our attorneys prevent shamefully our access to history. Thanks for bringing Andy Wright’s website to my attention.

    1. This is why Andy is on the list. My veteran wants to share something with some of my fellow bloggers and contributors .

  2. Not to be published…

    The veteran air gunner I have been meeting since 2010 wants to send a personal message to people around the world. I have an envelope with something to remember his crew and his squadron.

    I will need your personal home address to send it.



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