The Cold that Destroyed an Army

I share the same feeling when the temperature is freezing as I am shovelling snow. I always think of Russian and German soldiers at Stalingrad.

Keep Calm and Remember

By some great misfortune, I feel the cold very deeply. Simply going outside for a few minutes (or, in extreme cases, staying inside but making the mistake of not wearing a sweater) can give me a chill for hours. So it is not too peculiar that I have been quite cold during the past few months! Canada, especially my part of it, is never warm in wintertime, and this winter has been both unusually cold and unfairly long.

But the biting cold has an upside- like many other small and seemingly inconsequential things in my life, it reminds me of World War II and the Eastern Front. Late last evening while walking my dog in the -30° C cold, I could not help but think of how horrible the winters of Russia must have been for soldiers of all nationalities seventy years ago. Although they do not make me like the…

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