Part Three of a soul lost in a faraway jungle

Masako and Spam Musubi

Jaro Current Google map of Leyte battle area, inserted for ease of viewing and geographical orientation.

Battle Situation Overview

Even before my Uncle Suetaro and his 41st Regiment of the Imperial Japanese Army landed in Ormoc at dawn on October 26, 1944, the US Sixth Army’s X Corps fought through four miles of beach between the Palo River and the Tacloban airstrip.  XXIV Corps further south also made significant progress, overcoming the Japanese resistance.  However, incredibly swampy terrain was more their enemy than the Japanese at times.

By the end of A-Day, the 1st Cavalry Division had secured the Tacloban airstrip.  Most critically, Lt. General Makino, commanding Uncle Suetaro’s 41st Regiment and the 16th Division, was forced to evacuate his Command Headquarters in Dulag (below) to a village called Dagami.

dulag airfield leyte The inevitable violence of war.  Dead Japanese soldiers lay next to a knocked out Type 95 Japanese tank at Dulag Airfield…

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9 thoughts on “A Soul Lost in a Faraway Jungle – Part 3

    1. My cousin Masako grew up with Uncle Suetaro. She is very attached to his memory. She is the one who has my uncle’s farewell letter. She still sheds a tear, even at 80 years of age. 😖

      1. I hope your children will follow your footsteps and keep their grand uncle memories alive. All you have written about WWII goes well beyond the call of duty.

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