Clarence Simonsen’s contribution to Rabbit’s Stew



From  Al Davies who was a ground crew during WWII.


2 thoughts on “Clarence Simonsen’s contribution to Rabbit’s Stew

  1. I still wonder about the name of this aircraft. The rabbit is laying on top of what appears to be a stewpot, but he has a big smile on his face and he is throwing carrots. That hardly suggests an ode to rabbit stew. In fact, the word “Rabbit’s” with its apostrophe is possessive which implies that “Rabbit” owns or possesses the “stew”. “Stew” can be something we eat, but it is also slang for a brothel or house of ill repute. So, are we confronted with a bit of humor here? Is there a bit of double entendre with the hidden name of the aircraft really being “Rabbit’s house of ill repute”? Perhaps the name is more humorous than acknowledged.

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