A Man

Robert Charles Medforth was never forgotten by his friends.

RCAF No. 403 Squadron

A message from Robert Charles Medforth’s niece…

You may be interested in a poem that I came into possession from my mother’s things. It was written to Joyce Medforth, Bob’s (Robert Medforth) widow, they had only been married for a short time before he went overseas. According to the writing on the poem, it was written by his buddies at the airbase in Belgium.


A Man

There are men who fly the trackless skies
Who rove the seven seas.
They win all fame and glory
While floating through the breeze

There’s men that hold the font lines fast
And for their country dying,
There’s unsung lads not far behind
Who keep the aircraft flying.

We too have come to fight for home
For Victory – Freedom – Peace
We do not look for glories, fame
But work that wars may cease.

Yes, Joyce, he gave his life for you

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