This error must be changed!

A little controversy here…

RCAF 128 (F) Squadron

What’s this all about?

Dear Pierre,

This is my very last story connected with Home War Establishment, Eastern Air Command. This also involves a needed correction in regards to official RCAF history? For the past ten years, I have been attempting to get this problem changed, with people such as the active squadron in Trenton and Vintage Wings of Canada website.  No luck. 
In May 1935, No. 19 Bomber Squadron was formed in Hamilton, Ontario. In 1937, they were re-numbered and became No. 119 Sqn. which left for Jericho Beach, B.C. on 9 Jan. 1940, Western Air Command. Then on 21 July 1940, they flew across Canada to join Eastern Air Command to hunt and protect Canada from German U-boats. This is where the official RCAF Badge and motto came to be, and the name “Hamilton Tigers”. They are disbanded at Sydney, Nova Scotia, on 15 March 1944, and that…

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