Gerald Bernard Philbin

Same story written by Clarence Simonsen that I posted on my other blog about 425 Alouette Squadron

RCAF 425 Les Alouettes

Ce texte est de la plume de Clarence Simonsen.

Il serait trop long de vous expliquer comment j’ai fait la rencontre de Clarence.

Ce texte est inédit et n’a jamais été publié.

During my fifty years of nose art research, I have interviewed over 1,000 veterans of the American 8th Air Force, Royal Air Force and Royal Canadian Air Force who served in England during WW II. Almost all agree, that it was very easy for servicemen to have a sexual encounter with all ages of British ladies. Britain was the first country to be afflicted by total war and a catastrophic shift in sexual behaviour and attitude of her female society. Between September 1939 and May 1945, 5.3 million infants were delivered in England, and two million were illegitimate, with a non-British biological father. These babies born out of wedlock came from every age group of British mother, from…

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