Ripples in the water

My wife does not read my blogs, but she’s the one who said Ripples in the water about this…

photo 5

That’s about the only comment she ever made since 2008 when I started writing blogs.

The first blog was about genealogy and it was written in French which is my mother tongue. Nos ancêtres (our ancestors) was created in January 2008. I wanted to share with others what I had found about my ancestors.

Meeting my wife’s uncle led me to create Souvenirs de guerre and its English version Lest We Forget.

Souvenirs de guerre was about HMCS Athabaskan, a destroyer I knew nothing about.

Writing about HMCS Athabaskan led me to this sailor who died on April 29,1944.

équipage Louis Ledoux

Louis Ledoux

And to his nephew who led me to his father Jean Ledoux.

Jean Ledoux Louis Ledoux's brother

Jean Ledoux, Louis’ brother

This blog has more than 700 posts.

Each one is like a stone thrown in the water.

This is one ripple.


It’s part of this original picture sent by Paul Sulkers, Herm Sulker’s son.

old photo WW 110002

Herm Sulkers was aboard HMCS Athabaskan like Ernie Mills. Herm Sulkers was taken prisoner on April 29, 1944.


Fourth sailor on the right

Writing about the Athabaskan led Garry Weir to find my blog Lest We Forget.

Garry led me to his Website.

Two days ago, Garry added this note to Ernie Mills… using an information provided by Doug Edwards.

MILLS, Ernest G, Chief Engine Room Artificer, 21508 (RCN), MPK – 29 April 1944 (note: Ernie Mills had been relieved/replaced as CERA by Vic Brighten. Ernie had stayed on board ship an couple of extra days to completed the turn-over as it was taking longer than anticipated.)

9 thoughts on “Ripples in the water

  1. Michael’s comment

    My Great Uncle, and Godfather, was William E. Connolly. He is number 11 in the image above. Signalman on the Athabaskan, and one of the POWs. He is also in the picture from “Ripples in the Water” of the boys returning home (he is in the center of the picture – fifth from the left).

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