RAF and the Cuban Missile Crisis

About the Cuban crisis…

Defence of the Realm


Today (16th October 2014) marks the 52nd anniversary of what is considered to be the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis; arguably the closest time in history that the world stood on the brink of nuclear Armageddon. The truth is however that there have been numerous occasions since then that actually brought us closer and I will be covering those incidents in a future article. The Cuban Missile Crisis however is the most famous of these incidents because it was certainly the most prolonged and most publicised incident. While all the glory falls on the US and in particular President John F. Kennedy it is only part of the story that involved a multi national response to the tense situation that was playing out in the Caribbean. To the US, one of the most key allies in the world was the UK.


Looking back the Cuban Missile Crisis (or indeed…

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