Cuban Missile Crisis

About the Cuban crisis…

Pacific Paratrooper

Missile launch sites in Cuba Missile launch sites in Cuba

16 October is the 52nd anniversary of the start of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  For 13 days –  I felt I was holding my breath.  My uncle, MSgt. James O’Leary, already stationed on Cuba was flown back to the island from his leave; my cousin, Arthur Mulroy set sail from Norfolk, VA; and my aunt, Mabel O’Leary, a civilian employee of the Marines, were at stake here.

missiles involved missiles involved


– A U-2 spy-plane took pictures of missile bases in Cuba – Pres. Kennedy is notified that within 10 days, they will be operational.
– Kennedy set up a Committee of the National Security Council to advise him.  Their options: (1) Nuclear Strike? would probably cause a nuclear war; (2) Conventional Attack? Would probably cause war with Russia; (3) Use the UN? Too slow; (4) The bases were too close to ignore; (5) Blockade?…

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