October 12, 1944

I am impressed by all the research. I know I might have said this before about this blog, but I am impressed even more when I read this post.

Wayne's Journal


The past fifteen days have gone like wildfire.

Russell was evacuated to Finschafen for hospitalization, and I went to Sydney, Australia on my rest leave of six days. Spent most of the time wandering around the town and doing some drinking. A lot of drinking, I should say. Stayed at Mom and Pops (Mr. & Mrs. Zuckerman’s at 52 Beach Road in Bondi, Sydney N.S.W., Australia.) It was just like going home.1 They were so very good to us. In turn, we gave them candy which Aussie civilians can’t get and flowers.

The trip was unforgettable but not much good on the nerves. A 6,000 mile round trip. We were just over the first half of the journey when we turned around and came back. Rest leaves cut to six days so all men can have one. Took 8 months to get the first one. Hope the next…

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