Connecting with people

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Connecting with people…


Allan Todd

That’s what has happened since 2009 with this blog which has close to 688 posts.

This is not a game I am playing, or a way to get into the Guinness Book of Records with all the blogs I have created since 2009 about WWII.

This blog is serious business.

Allan Todd History 056

In fact all my blogs about WWII are.

Blogs? Did he say blogs Eddy…?
Sure did!

Who’s Adelard in this PBY?

I am so glad you ask…

Martin A-30 (Baltimore Mk. IIIA)

Click on the image…


19 thoughts on “Connecting with people

    1. I am glad my blogs touch you Notes.

      That’s the point of writing so much since 2008, first a blog about genealogy to know where I came from, then a blog about WWII because of my wife’s uncle who would not talk about his ordeal aboard HMCS Athabaskan G07.

      I just had to know…

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