Allan Todd’s album

Post 685

Allan Todd’s son and I scanned some parts of his father’s album last Monday. How I came about to scan what I am going to share with you is a long story.

My stories are always long and complicated…

So is life.

So was World War Two.

Allan Todd had this image taken from a newspaper in his album, and it tells a lot about what he thinks about wars.

Allan Todd History 056

scanned image at 600 dpi settings

Allan Todd and I think alike, and this is why I have been writing so much about WWII.

This is post 685.

How I met Allan Todd is the result of a series of meetings of WWII veterans since 2009. The first one was my wife’s uncle who told me he was a sailor on a ship.


I knew nothing about my wife’s uncle being a sailor in WWII let alone being on HMCS Athabaskan, a ship I had never heard about.

I just had to know.

This is post no. 1 written in August 2009.

Post 1

This is a blog about the story of the Canadian destroyer Athabaskan sunk in 1944.


I am currently writing a blog in French, but I have some many English speaking people helping me out, that I want to share my research with everyone in both languages. Tomorrow I will post my first article. It will be a translation of this one

See you tomorrow.

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