Very interesting article about a submarine with two identities.

Defence of the Realm

The story of HMS Seraph’s war is one that certainly deserves far more attention than it has received if not for it’s contribution to the war against Nazi Germany then for the almost comical story of the events that occurred leading up to and on the night of November 5th 1942. HMS Seraph was an S-Class submarine designed for operation in the shallower and more restricted waters of the North Sea. It was this attribute that made the class ideal for insertion and extraction missions of Commandos, spies and the odd defector.

The story of Operation:Kingpin begins like many a war story with HMS Seraph being selected for a highly classified mission. In this instance it’s mission was to travel to a point 20 miles to the east of Toulon in Vichy France. There they would collect French General Henri Giraud, his son and three of his former staff officers.

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