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"Dickie" Cork's Sea Hurricane “Dickie” Cork’s Sea Hurricane

The Royal Navy’s aviation force, the Fleet Air Arm, has never really sought the glamour of their RAF compatriots. Compared to the RAF the aces of the Fleet Air Arm are almost unheard of and yet their story is every bit as exciting, frightening and tragic as the RAF in World War II.

The Fleet Air Arm pilot with the highest number of aircraft damaged or destroyed in World War II was Lieutenant-Commander Richard “Dickie” Cork whose final score was at least 22 aircraft destroyed in both the air and on the ground the bulk of which were achieved in the sturdy Hawker Sea Hurricane. As well as having this accolade awarded to him Cork, has one other claim that no other pilot in the Royal Navy can make; shooting down 5 aircraft in a single day.  

Richard "Dickie" Cork Richard “Dickie” Cork

On 12 August 1942…

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4 thoughts on “Five Kills in One Day

  1. I find myself deeply ambivalent about these stories. These guys were doing the utmost for their country and for their fellow man in grim circumstances. Yet that is five (or five sets of) people who lost their lives that day.

    1. There is also the story of Hans-Joachim Marseille who had more than 150 kills in the Desert War.
      Interesting story about that pilot.
      I want to write about it on my blog about 238 Squadron. He shot down a lot of planes from that squadron.

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