Wartime Wednesdays – Dieppe


August 19th marks the 72nd anniversary of the Raid on Dieppe, a bloody fiasco in which thousands of Canadians were killed, wounded or captured. 

Journalist and historian Rob Alexander of Calgary, Alberta joins Wartime Wednesdays today with this gripping description of his grandfather’s experience on that terrible occasion, based on journals and letters.

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5 thoughts on “Wartime Wednesdays – Dieppe

    1. Dieppe was a disaster.

      It is still a controversial operation even today.

      Saying after the fact that it was done as a preparation for D-Day is in my own humble opinion a mark of disrespect for those who never came back, or if they did, never forgot that day.

      It was a botched operation.

  1. Despite what I have read about the Dieppe Raid, and I would be the first to admit that it has not been that much, I cannot understand what purpose it served. From my perspective, it all seems a horrible waste of valiant men’s lives.

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