7 December 1941 (2)

December 7th, 1941… Part 2

Pacific Paratrooper


Pearl Harbor view from a Japanese fighter Pearl Harbor view from a Japanese fighter

0749 hours – “ToToToToTo” went out to all Japanese pilots (the first 2 letters of ‘Totsugeki!’  CHARGE!), and the torpedo bombers proceeded to sweep Battleship Row.  “Tora! Tora! Tora!” was sent out next.  The code, Tiger! Tiger! Tiger! was sent 5000 miles to the “Akagi” for Admiral Yamamoto to be aware that the Strike Force had indeed caught the US Navy by surprise; the Admiral read the message and then continued his game of Shogi with his staff gunnery officer, Watanabe.
Three civilian planes safely landed back on Oahu after being caught in the maelstrom of tracer bullets.

Shanghai Harbor under attack Shanghai Harbor under attack

1000 hours – In Shanghai, China, Lt Comdr. Columbus Smith was woken up by a call from the HMS “Wake” to make a report on the attack of Pearl Harbor.  He immediately rushed to scuttle his command, but was promptly…

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4 thoughts on “7 December 1941 (2)

    1. I am sure Ben Affleck was not aware of all this when he portrayed a pilot in Pearl Harbor.

      Pearl Harbor Hollywood style. That’s what people remember about all this. It’s better that way.

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