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AAF Centenary of Military Aviation 1914-2014

RAAF Centenary of Military Aviation 1914-20142014 marks the centenary of military aviation in Australia. To commemorate this I am writing a five-part series on the key stages of the RAAF: The Early Years – 1914 to 1939 (World War One and the interwar years), World War Two: 1939 to 1945, the Cold War begins and the Korean War: 1945 to 1953, The Cold War continues and Modern Conflicts – 1953 to the present day (Communist Insurgency in Malaya, the Vietnam War, Iraq, Afghanistan, peacekeeping and peacetime operations) and finally A Glimpse into the Future (the requipping of the RAAF).

Lets now take a look at the turbulent years of World War Two, especially when Australia’s back was to the wall in 1942. Japan was on the attack with Australia in its sights. Bombs fell all over northern Australia and Japanese submarines prowled and attacked our shores. Against all odds RAAF airmen fought…

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