In the navy…

I am not an expert.

I will need a little help from my friend readers. I believe these pictures were taken in the 1920s or 1930s.

Alfred Frenette (marine) 1

Alfred Frenette collection

Alfred Frenette (marine) 2

Alfred Frenette collection


Alfred Frenette

His daughter is looking for the ship’s name.

Feel free to contact me. I know I could ask for his service records from Archives Canada, but this could take six months.


4 thoughts on “In the navy…

  1. Comment from Garry…

    The top photo showing Alfred Frenette on the forecastle (fo’c’s’le) of a ship is definitely a River Class destroyer. The problem is which one.

    The were 14 of them – I will list them here with the year the were commissioned into the RCN

    HMCS Assiniboine (1939)
    HMCS Chaudiere (1943)
    HMCS Fraser (1936)
    HMCS Gatineau (1943)
    HMCS Kootenay (1943)
    HMCS Margaree (1940)
    HMCS Ottawa H60 (1938)
    HMCS Ottawa H31 (1943)
    HMCS Qu’Appelle (1944)
    HMCS Restigouche (1938)
    HMCS Saguenay (1931)
    HMCS Saskatchewan (1943)
    HMCS Skeena (1931)
    HMCS St. Laurent (1937)

    There is nothing in the photo to narrow down which ship. However, if the photos were taken prior to 1936 then we can narrow it down to either HMCS Saguenay or HMCS Skeena.

    Yours Aye

  2. Her daughter said that the two would be dated…


    This has to be confirmed.
    She is going to ask for his service records from Archives Canada.

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