It irks John…

John Hawley is a loyal reader of this blog.

John is privy to the most confidential information about HMCS Regina, a ship I knew nothing about until he wrote me a comment in November 2011.

This led to the creation of yet another blog of mine appropriately named

Remembering HMCS Regina K- 234


John just wrote this comment showing how well he knows about HMCS Regina.

While reading recent articles relating to Canada’s involvement I could not help but notice that some sites contained lists that included ‘all’ the RCN ships that participated in this most important Operation. However, some like ‘’ only included the larger RCN vessels such as the destroyers and bigger ships like the RCN ‘Prince’ troop transports.

When I advised the powers to be at nauticapedia that I had undeniable facts that HMCS Regina K234, HMCS Summerside and HMCS Woodstock K141 were assigned to directly support the American Forces landings at OMAHA Beach nauticapedia Mr John Taylor condecendingly replied to me that I was incorrect as ‘all’ RCN Corvettes were likely back in the UK waiting to escort Mulberry”s and supply vessels.

It irks me greatly when these self appointed historians contradict ‘eye witness’ accounts from veteran RCNVR sailors that were in fact ‘present’ (onboard) these RCN ships. Veterans like my father and Regina Stocker Don. McIntosh have told me Regina was ‘near’ OMAHA on the morning of 6 June 1944. Jim Hawley (dad) advised me (only when asked) that Regina was close enough to the Omaha Beach landings that they could clearly see the heavy resistance American soldiers were facing.

I also observed in 1990 while at the Arromanches, Normandy, France – Invasion Museum on a very large and detailed diorama that indeed HMCS Regina K234 was shown to be just off OMAHA Beach during the Invasion.

Also a website about HMCS Woodstock states that HMCS Woodstock was assigned to provide support to the American troops at OMAHA Beach on 6 June 1944.

It is not surprising that the ‘bean counters/historians’ MISSED the little ships like our RCN Corvettes.

However, the declaration by the brave men of the RCN/RCNVR who were THERE and observed and actively took part TRUMPS the so called records likely compiled by people who were not there.

As such ‘we’ know and will Remember them!


10 thoughts on “It irks John…

  1. Well John I got curious…
    You know me John.
    I went to see that Website.
    The Regina is nowhere to be found.

    You’re right about bean counters/historians…

    The Ships of the Royal Canadian Navy Present Off the Juno Beach on June 6/7/1944 (The Normandy D–Day Landings)

    compiled by Commander Fraser McKee 2013


    HMCS Algonquin – LCdr D.W. Piers, RCN
    HMCS Sioux – LCdr E.E.G. Boak, RCN

    Landing Ships Infantry (Medium):

    HMCS Prince David – Cdr T.D. Kelly, RCNR
    HMCS Prince Henry – Cdr V.S. Godfrey, RCN

    Their 2 LCA Flotillas:

    HMCS Prince Henry’s: 528 Flotilla – Lt R.G. Buckingham, RCNVR
    LCA #736 – Lt. G.W. Hendery RCNVR
    LCA #850 – L/S P. Duchnicky RCNVR
    LCA #925 – L/S Moody, RCNVR
    LCA #1021 – L/S Townson RCNVR
    LCA #1033 – S/Lt J.A. Flynn, RCNVR (+ Lt R.G. Buckingham, RCNVR as Flotilla Officer)
    LCA #1371 – A/B Mellway, RCNVR
    LCA #1372 – Lt. G.E. Nuttal, RCNVR)

    HMCS Prince David’s: 529 Flotilla – Lt J.C. Davie, RCNVR
    LCA #1059 – Lt. J. McBeath RCNVR
    LCA #1137 – L/S G.R. Lavergne, RCN
    LCA #1138 – Lt J.F. Beveridge, RCNVR
    LCA #1150 – Lt J.C. Davie, RCNVR (+ served as Flotilla Officer)
    LCA #1151 – Lt D.F. Graham RCNVR
    LCA #1375 – Lt G.E. Allin, RCNVR

    RCN Minesweepers: with RN flotillas:

    14th Flotilla:

    HMCS Georgian – A/LCdr H.A. Boucher, RCNVR
    HMCS Guysborough – Lt B.T.R. Russell, RCNR
    HMCS Kenora – Lt D.W. Lowe, RCNVR

    Plus two RCN Flotillas:

    31st Flotilla:

    HMCS Caraquet – Cdr A.H.G. Storrs, RCNR (as S.O.)
    HMCS Blairmore – Lt J.B. Marston, RCNR
    HMCS Cowichan – A/LCdr K.W.N. Hall, RCNR
    HMCS Malpeque – Lt D. Davis, RCNVR
    HMCS Fort William – A/LCdr H. Campbell, RCNR
    HMCS Milltown – Lt E.H. Maguire, RCNVR
    HMCS Minas – Lt J.B. Lamb, RCNVR
    HMCS Bayfield – Lt S. Pierce, RCNR

    32nd Flotilla:

    HMCS Thunder – Cdr H.D. Mackay, RCNR (as S.O.)
    HMCS Canso – Lt J. Kincaid, RCNR
    HMCS Mulgrave – Lt R.M. Meredith, RCNR
    HMCS Vegreville – Lt T.B. Edwards, RCNR
    HMCS Wasaga – Lt J.J.H. Green, RCNR

    Landing Craft Infantry (Large) – LCI(L)s: (Manned by RCN, ex–RN ships):

    1st Canadian Flotilla (ex-RN’s 260th)

    LCI(L) #117 – Lt R.L. Gordon, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #121 – Lt D.H. Botly, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #166 – Lt G.M. Oliver, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #177 – Lt W.C. Gardner, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #249 – Lt J.E. O’Rourke, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #266 – Lt J.G. Wenman, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #277 – Lt W.H.M. Ballantyne, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #285 – Lt H.S. Square, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #298 – Lt J.S. Monteath, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #301 – Lt R.M. Smith, RCNVR

    2nd Canadian Flotilla (ex–RN’s 262nd):

    LCI(L) #115 – Lt V.D. Ramsay, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #118 – Lt C.R. Bond, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #135 – Lt. John Douglas Kell, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #250 – Lt H.M. Harrison, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #252 – Lt R.E. St.J. Wakefield, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #262 – Lt P.R. Hinton, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #263 – Lt J.B.B. Shaw, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #276 – Lt A.A. Wedd, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #299 – Lt W.B. McGregor, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #306 – Lt A.K. Stephens, RCNVR

    3rd Canadian Flotilla (ex–RN’s 264th):

    LCI(L) #125 – Lt C.R. Parker, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #255 – Lt H.E. Trenholme, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #270 – Lt A.C. Clark, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #271 – Lt W.R. Sinclair, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #288 – Lt W.E. Charron, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #295 – Lt P.G.R. Campbell, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #302 – Lt J.M. Ruttan, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #305 – Lt C.B. MacKay, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #310 – Lt L. Williams, RCNVR
    LCI(L) #311 – Lt D.J. Lewis, RCNVR

    Motor Torpedo Boats of the 29th Flotilla: (Arrived in p.m. of June 6th)

    MTB #459 – Lt C.A. Law, RCNVR (as S.O.)
    MTB #460 – Lt D.A. Killam, RCNVR
    MTB #461 – Lt. C.A. Burk, RCNVR
    MTB #462 – Lt. R.J. Moyse, RCNVR
    MTB #463 – Lt. D.G. Creba, RCNVR
    MTB #464 – Lt. L.C. Bishop, RCNVR
    MTB #465 – Lt C.D. Chaffey, RCNVR
    MTB #466 – Lt S.B. Marshall, RCNVR

    Supplementary Author’s notes:

    1. Other RCN ships were in service in U.K. waters, were on blocking or A/S patrols, escorting Normandy–bound Mulberry “Phoenixes” or under RN or USN control etc.: (See page 312 of Ken Macpherson & Ron Barrie’s book “The Ships of Canada’s Naval Forces, 1910–2002”, 3rd edition, 2002.)

    2. I’m not sure if any of the MGBs of the 65th Flotilla were present there or not. They were larger (and slower!) D–Class MLs. No one has yet written their history. Douglas and Sarty et al say that they were on blocking patrols east of Normandy, so presumably they were not present.

    To quote from this article please cite:

    McKee, Fraser (2013) The Ships of the Royal Canadian Navy Present Off the Juno Beach on June 6/7/1944 (The Normandy D–Day Landings). 2013.–day.php

  2. I can’t believe the “historians” of nauticapedia dismissed John’s evidence without just cause. We are all attempting to be as accurate as we can and they are doing the opposite.

    1. I know some historians will only write what people in high places want them to write.
      It’s been that way since kings, queens, and pharaohs were whispering what historians should write.

      Some historians can’t be bought.
      Some historians don’t even suspect they are being bought.
      Some do, but don’t tell…

      This is my own humble little opinion on this touchy subject.
      One clear example is the Dieppe raid in 1942.

      What was the official reason for that raid?
      What was the real reason?
      Why so many Canadians died on August 19, 1942?

      Who can handle the truth?
      As a great philosopher once said on Hogan’s Heroes…
      I know nothing, nothing!

    2. Some historians can’t handle the truth when they are confronted with what they believe is their truth.

  3. My wife’s grandfather was Commander of HMCS Summerside on D day. Anyone with facts , photos on the ship during the invasion?

  4. Sir, with extreme respect, may I tell you a story of discovery due to brain injury and a Flower class corvette model.
    I am 58 living in Cornwall UK. I am wheelchair bound now and for 5 years I have been building and converting to RC a 1/72 scale Flower. As part of my research I began looking for links to Flowers and Cornwall. I discovered your blog and realised that 3 crew are buried 15 minutes from my home. I decided to renumber my model K234 and also the morse lights flash « Regina turning to port ». The journey involved my wife taking me to St Winwaloes Church tonight and I paid respects and took new photos of their final resting places. I would happily send these photo’s and any other details to you or any surviving NOK. I am ex service and to pay a tiny homage to the entire RCN for it’s unstinting sacrifices in a tiny way is very humbling. The Canadian miniature flags are in place on the grave as is a tiny model warship. Thank you in advance.

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