D-Day: The Unhappiest Man on the Beach


Arthur Bradford’s Spitfire was shot down over Normandy on D-Day, and he parachuted into the sea where he was promptly “rescued” by a landing craft, steaming towards the beach. He was unarmed, unprepared, and very, very unhappy.

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5 thoughts on “D-Day: The Unhappiest Man on the Beach

  1. What a story!! One minute you’re concerned for Arthur and the next – you’re laughing at his predicaments. Great link, hope all your readers take the time read this!

    1. I post… they choose to read or not.

      If they don’t, then they are missing a lot.

      I added two comments, but they have to be approved first by Elinor.

      Sometimes the comment section is ignored by readers. I always read it.

      One comment is about the group picture she posted. The next one is about the poster at the end.

      I don’t post comments to get more readers. I just like to share.

      By the way Debbie and I talked for an hour yesterday. We are both on the same wave length. I guess I will have to post these articles in both languages even if she is bilingual. I know some of my most precious readers are not.

      Have a nice day GP…. D-Day is coming soon for Wayne,

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