Intermission Stories (17)

Remembering those who must never be forgotten.

Pacific Paratrooper

Woody Gorback in Italy. Woody Gorback in Italy.

Woody Gorbach

A local story

Woody Gorbach, a current resident of South Palm Beach County, had served with the 135th Battalion/34th Infantry Division/5th Army during WWII in the European Theater of Operations.  He was raised in Westport, Connecticut and enlisted at the age of 19.  “I felt I had to fight for the country.  I wanted to end the war.”

Woody sailed from Newport News, VA on a trip that would take 30 days and drew the attention from German bombers who tried their best to end the voyage.  Gorbach recalls, “…being sick and scared and excited.”  His first real fighting was at Monte Cassino, a hilltop abbey on the German defense line.  Multiple battles cost the Allies about 55,000 casualties.  Woody developed trench foot and was sent to a base in Africa.  When he returned to Italy, he discovered his unit had been wiped out.

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    1. I wanted his story to be known by many more people.
      Maybe some people will be interested by what was trench foot.

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