I am always amazed by the stories Elinor writes.

This is her latest story.

Every story she writes is amazing. Some are sad, but most have happy endings.


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  1. Whew! That was beyond amazing. Thanks for posting this, Pierre! The Dutch had a difficult time of it, especially in the last year of the war because their liberation seemed close after the D-Day invasion, yet the men running the war had different priorities. The Netherlands had to wait till literally the last day of the war and the total surrender of Germany to be all free again, though the southern provinces were liberated in 1944. The northern provinces in particular suffered horrific hunger and starvation in the last winter of the war. It, May 5th, still is a major national holiday there, and I’m sure my Dutch friends tipped a few in remembrance of that day yesterday.

    1. The Dutch are still commemorating the liberation. Maybe there is a lesson to be learned there.

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