John Colton

John rejoigned his fellow pilots last year.

I wrote him a message once, but he never replied. I would have like to meet him and talk about No. 4 E.F.T.S. Windsor Mills. I had written an article on him on this blog.

In fact make that two.

This is an article on Vintage Wings of Canada that pays homage to Johnny Typhoon. Much better than I could have.

John Colton


5 thoughts on “John Colton

    1. I knew this story would be of interest.

      He flew so many missions.
      Many Typhoon pilots never made it back.

  1. Flying Tif was indeed hazardous – much like flying the Skyraider in Vietnam… If memory serves me correctly, she was formidable against the FW-190 at lower altitudes. In fact, she failed at what she had been designed for: high altitude interceptor.

    It was a wonderful story and a beautiful re-meeting of both the plane and the gal.

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