Lady Be Good

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At 2:50 PM on April 4,1943, 25 B-24′s of the 376th Bomb Group took off from their base at Soluch, Libya for a high altitude bombing mission against harbor facilities at Naples,Italy. All planes but one returned safely to Allied territory that night – the one missing plane was the “Lady Be Good”, on the crews first mission.



10 thoughts on “Lady Be Good

    1. Are you talking about a TV movie made a long time ago…?

      I remember I could not help crying when I saw the last seen.

      I remember it well because I was a teenager at the time, watching it on a black and white TV set.

      This post brought back so much memories.

      1. Yes, the movie starred Richard Basehart as a general. In this movie, he was on Lady Be Good but had fear overtake him and he bailed out. I believe he played to role of navigator, i,.e., he errors led to the death of his comrades. He then becomes haunted by their spirits.

      2. Nope…

        In the 1960s TV series The Twilight Zone, an episode entitled “King Nine Will Not Return” was also based on the discovery of the “Lady Be Good”.

        That was the TV series!

      3. That Twilight zone episode was not the one…
        It had to be the 1970 movie.

        I did not know I would be crying over a movie when I was 21.

      4. That’s it…

        In the end, the ghost of each crewman suddenly vanishes as their bodies are recovered, their spirits apparently forced to accompany their remains back to the United States – the exception being Tony, who had returned to the plane only to die when the tail section dropped on him. Hamner is the sole survivor from the crew and Tony is the sole survivor of the ghosts. The film ends with a solitary Tony at the plane, but also a glimmer of hope as the pilot’s log is found, mentioning Tony’s return to the plane. One final visit to the crash site is decided upon.

        That’s the final scene!

        Thanks for the memories…

  1. I am looking for it on You Tube.

    This is not the one but I will look at it…

    Originally broadcast on Armstrong Circle Theatre, this is the story of Lady Be Good! Lady Be Good was an American B-24D Liberator, which flew for the United States Army Air Forces during World War II. It failed to return from an April 4, 1943 bombing raid on Naples, Italy. At the time, the plane was assumed to have crashed into the Mediterranean Sea and its nine crew members were classified as Missing in Action. In 1958 the nearly intact Lady Be Good was discovered 440 miles inland. Subsequent searches uncovered the remains of all but one of the crew.

    This film is part of the Periscope Film LLC archive, one of the largest historic military, transportation, and aviation stock footage collections in the USA. Entirely film backed, this material is available for licensing in 24p HD. For more information visit

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