D-Day revisited

Amazing pictures on this Website.

Sample picture.



One thought on “D-Day revisited

  1. http://www.flyalliancene.com/army-airfield-base/‎

    My hometown hosted S Army Air Force airbase during WWII, and many glider and paratrooper forces trained here for the D-Day invasion. It’s a source of local pride, of course, and the runway still serves the community as a commercial airfield.

    My mother and father bought and razed a warehouse on the base with another couple in the early 1950s, and the home I grew up in was constructed by my parents from lumber and some hardware salvaged from that structure.

    The apartment I live in today is part of remodeled “temporary housing” built during the war to house construction and base workers. Anyone with an extra room in those days rented it out. “Chimney Town” was the name given the housing because of all the rows of barracks-style housing punctuated with chimneys.


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