Georges Nadon’s record of service

Paying homage to a French-Canadian Spitfire pilot

Pilote de Spitfire - Spitfire Pilot

This is how Georges Nadon was remembered by…


Girlfriends and beer…

Now he is going to be remembered by this…

record of service

Maybe one of Georges’ children once said:

What did you do in the war Dad?

Georges Nadon would have probably said…

Let’s get on with your homework. I will  tell you all about it later.

Georges Nadon’s record of service tells all as well as his complete logbook that I will share with you in the upcoming posts.

First stop was Manning pool where he stayed for 12 days (from 6 January 1941 to 18 January 1941)

Recruits began their military careers at a Manning Depot[6] where they learned to bathe, shave, shine boots, polish buttons, maintain their uniforms, and otherwise behave in the required manner. There were two hours of physical education every day and instruction in marching, rifle drill, foot drill, saluting, and other routines.

Remedial high…

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