September 15, 1946

Camille Bouchard won a DFC during WW II. He is seen here on a picture shared by Richard Girouard, a researcher of the Musée de la Défense aérienne de Bagotville.

pilote Camille Bouchard

Flight Lieutenant Bouchard survived 31 operations.

This is a picture of the crash of the Dakota (C-47) taken September  15,1946. Camille Bouchard lost his life with 19 other pilots some who had survived many operations during the war.

Dakota Plane crash at Estevan, Sk. Airport. Sept 15, 1946.  Killed all 20 RCAF pilots

The Crash Site
Photo courtesy Ingrid Beahm’s collection

(permission from Doug Gent to use this picture on the blog)

The official RCAF statement quoted in the Mercury stated the “aircraft was seen to approach the airport normally with its wheels lowered.” “For some reason the pilot decided not to land on his first approach and opened up the engines to go around again. During this manoeuvre the pilot apparently lost control and the aircraft crashed. A technical examination of the wreckage has shown that the control lock on the starboard elevator was in position and had not been removed before the flight commenced.”

Source: Website of the plane crash

You will find the same information on this Website.

The cause of the crash is confirmed.

Flying Officer Joseph Alphonse Camille Bouchard (J26027) who had survived 31 operations flying a Halifax met his death in an accident caused by a simple human error.


Collection Mario Allard


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