Message from Sherry Pringle


Would you be so kind as to post this invitation on your blog re a plaque unveiling in France to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Athabaskan’s sinking. Below is the invitation and translation. Many thanks. I would invite anyone interested to get in touch with me.


Sherry Pringle

Ami de l’Athabaskan,

En France, nous commémorerons le 70ème anniversaire de la perte du HMCS ATHABASKAN le mardi 29 avril 2014 au Mémorial de la Pointe St Mathieu près de Brest.

Cette cérémonie, organisée conjointement par les Associations “ATHABASKAN-BRETAGNE” et “AUX MARINS”, sera présidée par l’honorable Lawrence CANNON, Ambassadeur du Canada en France, accompagné du Colonel Guy MAILLET, Attaché Défense près de l’Ambassade du Canada.

Le dévoilement de la plaque comportant les noms des 128 marins qui périrent dans le naufrage, se déroulera en présence des plus hautes autorités Civiles et Militaires de Bretagne.

Le Mémorial de la Pointe St Mathieu est connu des vétérans survivants du destroyer qui, accompagnés de leurs familles et amis, s’y recueillirent le 29 avril 1994 pour la commémoration du 50ème anniversaire de la bataille: Voir les quelques photos jointes datant de… 20 ans !

Si vous en aviez la possibilité, nous serions très heureux et honorés de votre présence à cette cérémonie.

Bien cordialement à vous.



Dear Friends of Athabaskan,

The commemoration of the 70th anniversary of the loss of HMCS Athabaskan will be held on Tuesday 29 April 2014 at the cenotaph of Pointe Sainte Mathieu near the city of Brest in France.

The Honourable Lawrence Cannon, Ambassador of Canada in France, accompanied by Colonel Guy Maillet, Defence Attache of the Canadian Embassy, will preside over the ceremony which is co-organized by associations “ATHABASKAN BRETAGNE ” and ” AUX MARINS “.

The unveiling of the plaque bearing the names of the 128 sailors who perished in the shipwreck, will be held in the presence of the highest civilian and military authorities of Brittany.

The cenotaph at Pointe Sainte Mathieu is already known by the surviving veterans of the destroyer as they came to the site, accompanied by their families and friends, to pay their homage during the 50th anniversary commemoration of the Battle on 29 April 1994.

Please find attached several photos dating back some 20 years!

We would be very pleased and honored by your presence at this ceremony.

Best regards

If you want to get in touch with Sherry Pringle, you can visit her Website by clicking here and contact her through her Webpage by clicking here.


4 thoughts on “Message from Sherry Pringle

    1. I am always amazed by the homage paid by people in Europe to those men who died or served in WWII even 70 years later.
      Numerous examples are found on the Internet.
      This is one reason I write so much and why I posted Sherry’s request.

  1. I am moved by this sort of gesture, knowing that those making it truly understand the sacrifice of the men who came ashore in those awful days. It’s more than history to them.

    1. People don’t realized how much they owe to these brave men who stopped a mad man who is still revered by some.
      Hard to imagine…
      I guess this is the dark side of humanity.

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