F/O Charles Douglas Alexander Hosken RCAF

Peter Den Tek has a Facebook group page paying homage to airmen who were shot down in 1943 over the municipality of Giessenlanden in the Netherlands during WWII.

This group is dedicated to the six allied planes which crashed in the municipality of Giessenlanden in the Netherlands during WWII. On May 5th 2015 we hope to establish a memorial in dedication of these brave crews.

The target of the mission in which RAF Halifax JB801 took part were industrial areas of the city of Aachen in Germany on the Dutch border.

Aachen July 1943

Source of the picture

Vertical photographic-reconnaissance aerial taken after an attack by aircraft of Bomber Command on Aachen, Germany, on the night of 13/14 July 1943. Intense fires are seen to be still raging in the central city area about eight hours after the raid. 8 large industrial premises were severely damaged, as were the Town Hall, the cathedral, the police headquarters, the local prison, the main post office, two infantry barracks and an army food depot. 2,927 individual buildings were reported to have been destroyed, including a large number of civilian houses and apartments.

He asked for my help with finding more info and relatives of F/O Charles Hosken from the RCAF. This airman flew on Halifax JB801 and was KIA on July 14th, 1943.

That airman’s virtual war memorial is on the Canadian Virtual War Memorial. You can see it by clicking here.

Military Service:

Service Number: J/21895

Force: Air Force

Unit: Royal Canadian Air Force

Division: 78 (R.A.F.) Sqdn

If you know relatives who might be interested in contacting Peter, just use this contact form.


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